What Is Dianabol Steroid?

Dianabol steroids is one of the most popular steroids around. With dianabol for sale across the UK it is also one of the best-selling steroids on the market. Whilst dianabol can be administered through injection, it is most commonly found as tablets. Dianabol was specifically developed for the sole purpose of being a performance enhancing steroid.

Dianabol Functionsdianabol

Dianabol is one of the easier anabolic steroids to get your heard around. With the main benefits it will provide being increasing protein synthesis, glycogenosis and nitrogen retention. Helping to increase your body’s stamina, lean muscle mass and overall physical strength.

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Dianabol Effects

Dianabol has many effects on your body, the main one being the gaining of mass. It is extremely useful if your training goal is to have as much mass as is physically possible. In order to receive the full effects, it is necessary for your body to take in 5,000 or more calories on a daily basis. As long as you ensure that you are working out on a regular basis this increase in calories will not cause any problems.

If you are looking to lose fat, the Dianabol isn’t for you. Dianabol has water retention properties which means that it won’t help you shred the fat. Even participating in cardiovascular activities won’t help as Methandrostenolone retains the water.

Side Effects

As with all steroids, Dianabol doesn’t come without its side effects, below are a list of the most common ones found when taking the steroids.

Prevents Hair Growthdianabol side effects

Whilst taking Dianabol your body has an excess amount of testosterone, which ones the excess is broken down turns into oestrogen, however there is also another by product of the breakdown. The other by product is a chemical known as dihyrdotestosterone, this chemical is what affects the growth of hair on your head, face and bodily areas. Long term users of the drug may experience baldness.

Increased Mood Swings

The most common thing associated with taking steroids is the anger outbursts which occur, often referred to as ‘Steroid Rage’. The reason this happens is because, taking Dianabol causes the person to feel energized and full of excitement. These feelings are fine for an intense workout session, however can have a negative effect on athlete’s outside of training. This sudden mood shift or mood swing is one of the main reasons athlete’s get into difficult situations or potentially fights.

May Cause Liver Problems

As well as other steroids, Dianabol can have an impact on your liver over a long period of taking it. Like other steroids, Dianabol is known to be hepatotoxic, as the liver is the main organ which will be used to breakdown the chemicals within the steroids. As Dianabol is part of the C17-AA chemical family, this being one of the most difficult chemical families for the liver to breakdown. Of course after years of taking the steroid, the liver can become over worn, causing damage to the liver overall and in some cases causing cancers within the liver.

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